Wine corks ornaments for your Christmas tree

We already had an article with some ideas for reusing the wine corks, but it is always good to find out a new usage of these items. Here you can also learn how to make unique and rustic Christmas decorations.

In order to make these ornaments you will need these materials:

  • wine corks
  • silicone gun
  • decorative tape

Now, just follow the instructions below:

Cut the corks into three equal parts. In order to be able to make a tree from the corks you will need 5 corks, for making a round ornament you will need 3 corks, and for a lollipop ornament you will need 2 corks. After you cut the wine corks pinch all parts in the form that you like and once you get the desired shape, tape them together with a silicon gun. At the end with a thin satin tape make a ribbon and tie it on the ornament that will enable you to hang the ornament on the Christmas tree.
If you have a lot of wine corks, you can also use them to make a bigger tree as an interesting and unique Christmas decoration. Happy holidays and have fun !

Post Author: Ladybug