WHITE BALL – ideal lamp decoration for your kids

Sometimes it is not easy to find the right lamp for your kid’s room, and often the model you find does not match your room decor or has a price you can’t afford. The solution for this problem is simple – the white ball lightening!(you can use the fado lamp from IKEA). Except that this item will fit in any environment because it is neutral, you can further decorate it as desired. It is only necessary that you draw a few decorative details and you will turn the ball in a beautiful lamp!

Here are a few examples that will prove that the ordinary white ball can be a perfect item that will decorate and illuminate your kids room:

Moon. For this kind of decoration lamp, you will need black and red color for glass, permanent black marker, sponge and the white ball with lamp globe on stand. Relax your hand and draw the details.

Little cat. You can use the fado lamp from IKEA and draw eyes with a permanent marker, mustache, nose and mouth, and with a little white color, paint the scarecrow faces of the Cat. The ears are made of Fimo soft clay (polymer clay) that you will find in hobby shops and after design just let it dry and then stick it to the ball.

Bunny. You will also make the bunny quickly and easily. You will need a permanent black marker, and for the ears a piece of white cardboard, scissors and glue. When you draw a face-to-nose, it remains only to tape the ears. Cut the ears from white cardboard and stick them to the ball.

Hello Kitty. This kitten can be made easy as well as the previous one. Draw some parts with the permanent marker, and the ears and bruises make from Fimo modeling which you will then add to the ball.

Panda. Another sweet proposal for a decorative lamp is a character like pandas. To make this kind of lamp you will need a permanent marker in black and Fimo soft clay for the ears. Fimo mass can be found in all colors you like or need.

City. If you do not like cats, dogs and bears, try to draw some city on a lamp. This proposal is excellent for the room of teenagers and for your bedroom.

Be happy. Enter the good mood in the house, making the white ball with the image of a smiley face. You can draw on it with colors for glass or a combination of permanent markers and paint for glass.

Football. This lamp – football, is ideal for a small room for your boys! It is made with black parts glued to the ball. For them you can use a collage of paper or foil that can be purchased on the meter in bookstores.

Snowman. If you have a winter hat that you do not need, add it to the clearly marked white ball and create an interesting lamp like Snowman. The nose can be made of paper and glued on the lamp, eyes and smile can be plotted with a permanent marker. You will also need some red color for glass for the cheeks. This lamp can be a permanent exhibition in the children’s room, as well as decoration for the winter holidays.

Post Author: Ladybug