Wanna have your own full moon at home? Here you can learn how to get it

Wanna surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend? It is easy to buy something from the store or internet, but maybe you can try and make something special and unique, for example you can surprise your loved one with a moon made just for them. Just imagine, if you turn off the lights with this moon you’ll have the perfect and magical romantic evening with your loved one. Just follow the steps below and make a full moon with your own hands.


For starters you will need a few things for this little project. Find or buy one big balloon then take some glue, paper towels, a felt-tip pen and some plastic dishes, a lamp with a socket, a brush and a rough sponge with a set of ochre and ivory acrylic paints.After you provide yourself with these supplies you can begin making this interesting lamp. At first you will have to inflate the balloon and draw a circle around the knot with the felt-tip pen (Look at the picture below) Make the balloon round not oblong.


Next thing you will have to do is cover the balloon with glue. You can spill the glue in a pot and then plunge the balloon in it or you can paint the balloon with a brush.


The glue you use must be diluted with water in 1:1 ratio. After you cover the balloon with glue take the brush and glue the pieces of paper towel using the papier-mâché technique (there are two methods, one is a use of paper strips glued together with adhesive, and the other method uses paper pulp obtained by soaking or boiling paper to which glue is then added). When you use all the pieces, brush away the imperfections from the whole surface of the balloon. Use as many layers as possible to make the balloon hard and opaque.


Now let the balloon dry.  When the balloon is fully dried paint it with ivory acrylic paint or any similar color (mix white and ochre paints to get his color) Find a sponge with large pores in it, dip it into the paint and stamp it over the balloon. In is very important to use a sponge with large pores because it’s essential for making the moon surface effect. You can use the internet to find some pictures to get an even realistic pattern for your moon lamp.


When the paint is dried, cut out the circle you marked with a knife. Remove the balloon from the shape so that only the patterned paper is left and then place a lamp with a socket inside the moon.

And now just turn off the lights and Voila! Enjoy with your loved one.








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