Useful KITHCHEN TRICKS that make your life easier

We all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so any tricks and puns are always welcome. They can help us to cope with situations that are repeated frequently and that always bother us. Here you can find such useful kitchen tricks that you will use from today. Make your everyday life easier and reduce the situations that make you lose your nerves and time in the kitchen. And once you start to apply them you will wonder how have not heard about them before.

Peel the ginger
Try to peel ginger with a teaspoon and avoid unnecessary waste. I’ll make the job faster and easier.

Protect bananas from decay
Use transparent foil to prevent rapid deterioration of banana. Put the foil as shown in picture.

Freeze lemon
This is one of the most used trick from these useful kitchen tricks.In the mold of muffins put water and pieces of lemon that are cut into circles. You will have a wonderful refreshing ice cubes for serving with drinks.

Dissolve honey
Crystallized honey can easily become liquid again without losing its properties. In a deep pot pour the water and heat it, then bring the honey to a smaller glass container to dissolve. When the water is warm, insert the bowl of honey and mix with spoon until completely dissolved.

Soften the butter
Heat a glass and fold the butter. You will quickly get the melted butter that you will be able to use at the same time.

Easy peel garlic
Into one small glass jar insert the head of garlic. Close the jar and shake it.

Clean cherries quickly
Place the cherry on top of the bottle and put a straw through the middle of the cherries until they kick the pit.

Keep the cake fresh
After you cut pieces of cake you can keep the rest of the cake fresh with some pieces of toast bread. Just close it with the pieces of toast and retain the freshness of the cake.

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