Unused jars – See how you can re-use them

I guess all of you must have a lot of unused jars in the home that collect dust, but you still keep them. So why don’t you use them for a little reorganization in the kitchen maybe? You don’t have to keep the jars on the working parts of the kitchen anymore just grab them and use them for a practical organization of things in the house. Make your home more beautiful, and things around you better organized and also more accessible.
Here are some ideas that can show you how to reuse unused jars for organizing and sorting things in the house:

Store cupcake liners
Instead of making your cupcake liners dirty in the drawers, boxes or bags, you can arrange them beautifully in a jar. This will look very interesting even if the jar is located in a visible place in the kitchen. You will enjoy in the colors of the cupcake liners.

Kids room organization
You can also arrange few cars, some toys from Kinder eggs and other similar mini toys in pots. To make the jar more interesting you can decorate the cover can with some detail and paint.

Store the crayons, markers, pens etc.
Usually these things are all over the house or among the many toys. If you want to sort out children’s creative corner, these jars are one of the better ways to organize these things.

Container for spices
I usually buy spices in bags or in a different glass container. If you like spice and you have a lot of them, certainly you would want to organize them nicely. Therefore, we suggest that you take a few same jars for all spices and beautifully packaged them. Depending on whether you keep them in a drawer or on a shelf, write the name of the spice on the jars or on the cover can.

Organize your sewing items
Take all your sewing stuff and put it in a jar and make your required material always available. You can even decorate the jar with some additional elements.

Keep the sweets in it
Use jars to organize sweets, and also the same can be done with biscuits and other sweets. You don’t need bags of candy anymore, just use the jars.

For kitchen tools
Not all kitchen tools fit in the drawers. Therefore, here’s an idea how to use the jar on the kitchen table for disposal. Jars can be painted to make them look more interesting.

Keep little candles
If you practice the use of candles in decorative purposes, this means that you have a lot of them Just store in a jar so that they can always be at your fingertips.

Store the tongs, cotton pads etc.
Bring in the order of your bathroom by using jars. They are practical for things such as swabs, sticks for ears cotton pads etc.

Sort the little things in the office or the workshop
Staples, paper clips and other small things can get lost in some random corner. So next time when you seek them, think about putting them in some unused jars. Do the same with screws, nails and other little thing from the workshop.

Post Author: Ladybug