Unique mugs for special taste of the morning coffee

Most of us start the day with sipping a warm drink in our favorite cup. Whether you drink your coffee or tea alone or with family and friends, you can make this little ritual interesting by creating a set of unique mugs.

To make these unique mugs you will need these materials:
• old cup
• masking tape
• brushes
• glue
• sequins, glitter

First you will have to wash the mugs, wipe them with a cloth, and then mark with masking tape the part of mug where you want to do the decoration. Remember to mark the handle of the mug also to round out the design of the new unique mugs. With the brush, apply the glue under the masking tape and gently sprinkle sequins.

Remove the tape from the mug before the glue dries. After you remove the tape leave the mugs to dry for at least eight hours, so that the decorative part does not touch the surface. When the glitter is glued, with a brush, apply a thin layer of decoupage glue and allow it to dry naturally. Repeat this procedure at least twice.
When you dried the last layer of glue, let the mugs to settle for a week at room temperature. In this way, glitter will not fall off the mugs surface even when you are washing them in the dishwasher.

Also you can make some unique mugs with a nail polish.

All you need to have to make these kind of unique mugs is:
• Plastic bowl
• Warm Water
• Thin piece of wood(toothpick)
• Nail polish in any color you like

Pour a few drops of the nail polish on the surface of the water (use as many colors you like). Pour it quickly, because the nail polish will dry. Than take the thin piece of wood (you can use toothpick) and make a pattern you like. Than deep in the mug and let it dry for two or three hours. And Voila! Now you have unique mugs that will delight your friends.

Post Author: Ladybug