Unique jewelry piece made with buttons

Today, more than obvious is that the wearing of unique jewelry makes us different and allows us to experiment with ourselves, and also help us to emphasize the creativity by choosing from the market. The jewelry is considered as an integral part of women’s style. As a supplement to a certain outfit, jewelry can add some hint of elegance or a chic look depending on the style of the person. As trends change, a new forms of jewelry arrives. Generally speaking, a piece of jewelry has so much to say and contribute to the overall look of the woman.
Every day we meet girls who are well dressed and have their own style in which a great roll has the choosing of a jewelry that will exactly match the style. Experience indicates that the jewelry in a well-designed combination with a piece of clothing makes us more confident when we look in the mirror, it gives a full picture of a beautiful outfit.

Given that the having of a new piece of jewelry for every outfit means spending a lot of money to, you can always try and make yourself a couple of unique jewelry pieces. The preparation of the new jewelry at home is a great way to be creative and save money. Instead of emptying your wallet, you can use some old buttons from various kind of clothing and create a unique jewelry piece on your own.

To make this unique piece of jewelry you will need:
• A piece of fabric
• Needle
• Thread
• Liquid glue/ glue gun
• A necklace and a few buttons

Cut a piece of fabric in any form you like. Take the buttons and place them on the fabric. When you like the form and the order of the buttons, glue them on the fabric,then add the necklace, and  Voila! Now you have your own unique jewelry. You can also  use as an idea some of  the pictures below.

Now go be creative, make a piece of unique jewelry and have fun.

Post Author: Ladybug