Unique bag for modern and creative girls

If you are creative, imaginative and you want to stand out from the rest, then you can use this interesting idea. Here are the instructions that will help you learn how to make your accessories to look unique, how you can decorate your old bag with decoupage motives. This designed bag will not only be unique but will delight anyone who will see it.

To make this unique bag you will need these materials:
• Old purse
• Cotton fabric with desired patterns
• Tape
• Glue for decoupage
• Plastic containers
• Brushes
• Scissors
• Color

Glue all corners and straps of the bag with the tape, and then place the color in the plastic container.

Apply the color on the bag using a brush. Wait for the first layer to dry and then apply another one or two layers.

While the paint dries, carefully slice the shapes of the fabric. Arrange then as desired on the colored part of the bag.

Glue the shapes using glue for decoupage and then apply another layer of the glue through the flowers. Once the glue dries, remove the adhesive tape that you used at the beginning. And Voila! Your unique, chic and modern bag is ready!

Post Author: Ladybug