Tremendous ice cream with gummy bears

This frozen dessert is a great way to cool yourself in the summer day. And who does not love ice cream? I can’t wait for the hot summer days, and I bet a lot of you feel the same. When you think of ice cream certainly you are asking yourself what is better, to buy it or to make your own ice cream. Also what flavor should it be, chocolate or maybe some fruit flavor. Here you can find an interesting idea for a tremendous ice cream that you can make it on your own. This is a fast and fun recipe for unusual ice indulgence that you can make even now.

To make this tremendous ice cream you will need these ingredients and materials:
• Sprite
• Gummy bears
• Sticks for ice cream
• Molds for ice cream

Fill the molds with Sprite for up to ¾ of their capacity. Put some gummy bears in it, then set the sticks and leave the ice cream in the freezer overnight. The next morning take the molds from the freezer and enjoy!

You can make this tremendous ice cream with any candy you like. Choose fun flavors and beautiful, colorful colors for an interesting visual effect.

Here is an extra trick: If the ice cream cannot be easily removed from the molds, soak them thoroughly with cold water.

Post Author: Ladybug