Transform a wooden crate into fantastic furniture

With creative recycling you can renovate your home and garden with unique pieces of furniture and at the same time have fun and save money. See what you can make out of an old wooden crates.

Wooden crates and boxes can be transformed into stunning pieces of furniture. If you are planning to buy a new shelf, table, stool or shoe holder, look around, maybe you can make them yourself. All you need to do is to collect some crates for fruits and vegetables. Ask the sellers in the grocery store or at the market to leave you some crates after they’re products are sold. You can also buy them in some specialized shops or warehouses at very reasonable prices.

Old crates can be used in many ways. But before you start with the creative work, clean them thoroughly, brush them with protective polish for wood and then repaint them with the desired color. Depending on what you want to do, you might need some additional elements, such as rollers, legs, textiles, foam, rope … You can also reuse some materials from an old furniture that will add a special charm to your new piece.

And now we are introducing the creative and practical ideas in our photo-gallery – be inspired, experiment, have fun and make furniture that will not only refresh your home or garden, but make it unique at the same time.

Post Author: Ladybug