Toys for your pet – LOOK at these ideas and make them on your own

Pets are like children; they want to play with toys all day. If you have a cat or dog and you want to give them something that will distract them from ruining your shoes and furniture, check out these simple ideas! You’ll be able to make many toys without spending money.

Braided rope
This toy is perfect for dogs who want to bit and destroy things. Give them something they can use and be engaged for hours! You can use any piece of fabric to make rope. Cut three lines of fabric and tie the knot at the top, then make a braid from them. Complete the rope by tying another knot in the end.

Ball  from fabric
Cats and dogs love balls! They literally go crazy when they see a ball rolling by. If you are tired of spending money to purchase a variety of balls, you can make a ball that will not cost you money. You can use some old socks that you don’t use or ware anymore and fill them with fabric. Cut the sock, then sew the top.

Rings from rope
You want to bring your dog out so that you can throw objects for him to find? Rope rings are really cheap option. Cut a rope around 20-30 centimeters and glue the edges with glue or fabric.

Toys for Cat
Cats have a really good instinct for hunting. They want to look for items and always try to catch something. Give them something that will be fun! Attach a few items that will distract them: balls, small items, candies … Everything that can distract your little buddy and will need hours to catch!

Post Author: Ladybug