Shell candles- beautiful decoration for your home

Do you collect shells when you are on the beach? I know I do, so I bet a lot of you do too. I always take some shells, rocks and a bottle of sand to remind me of the vacation days. I usually put them in a decorative bowl and use them as a decoration in my room. So here is a little project that you can make it on you own and enjoy every day like you are on the beach. Our idea for today are the shell candles.

Now you must be wondering how you can make shell candles ? It’s very easy, you’ll just need these materials:

• Shells
• Candles
• A container in which you will melt the wax

First you need to prepare the fuses. Remove the fuses from the candles and place them on the bottom of the shells. It’s good to use some piece of cloth or wrinkled paper bag, so that the shells stand straight on the table. Now put the wax in the container and heat until the wax is melted. After you melt the wax, pour it into the shells.

Pour it carefully into each shell, leaving the fuse at least one inch above the wax. In order to not make a mess when you pour the wax, it’s good to put some aluminum foil or paper below the shells. Wait until the wax cools down and then you can put the shells on your table as a decoration.

Here is an extra tip: Wash the container where you melted the wax while is still warm, because then is the right moment to remove the wax easily.

If you don’t like to make a mess with the wax, you can always put the shells in a decorative candle as an extra decoration. Here are some of my decorations with shells and sand.

Post Author: Ladybug