Be sexy! It’s easy with these tricks

Women can have the male attention in a lot a ways and some are easier to spot. Men find women sexy when they toss their hair, curl it around the finger or bite their lips. It’s the way women show they are attracted in someone.  These types of signals sometimes are done by women out of their conscious awareness as a response to inner thoughts and desires. But there are also a few simple things women can do to be even more attractive and here you can read about them.

Red is always a good thing

This is the color that reminds men of passion, and a lot of flirting, so just throw on a little red dress and let primal instincts take over.


What about lipstick?

You may think that red is the right color for your lips, but surprisingly, one study found out that the lipstick shades men find most attractive are neutrals or soft pinks. They also don’t like lipstick marks on their shirts.


Put a smile on your face

It’s fascinating what a few smile amps up can do to a person. Just try and put a smile on your face and you’ll be surprised how sexy you’ll seem in public.

Shiny hair

You cannot forget about your hair also. Even if you dress sexy, look stunning, if your hair is a mess you may not be attractive. A well done hair with sexy volume can help you flirt easier by reeking your fingers through it. Here is a little tip for you – When you blow your hair and when you think your hair’s dry, blast it with heat for another three minutes. It has to be 100 percent dry, otherwise it will collapse.


What perfume to wear?

We all have different taste, but when it comes to perfume you must choose very wisely and if you want a perfume with sexy notes you can think about lush flowers, vanilla and amber, and perfume with powdery notes.

Turn off the lights

Don’t use the lights because the natural light from the candle is sexier and it is the best way to flatter exposed skin. Just turn of the lights and try…




Post Author: Ladybug