Make interesting decorations for your home using the rope

The rope is a product that exists for a long time and which was used in ancient times very often especially in construction and architecture. Rope slowly loses its purpose and today is almost never used in everyday life. You can use the rough texture and neutral tone of this item to create interesting decorations in your home. For these ” Do it yourself ” projects  usually you need a couple of things that are not expensive and do not require devoting too much time in their construction.
Enjoy in our suggestions on how you can make interesting decorations for your home using the rope.
Unusual chandeliers . The modern indoor interior implies some degree of unconventionality and oddity – certainly these interesting lamps fall into this category.

Decorated table lamp. Do not dispose the old household items, recycle them and bring them back to life.

Make a fence  for the stairs. You do not need a wooden or metal fence for the stairs to lead you upstairs. Try to make one from a rope.

Hanging bed . You will fall asleep like a baby every night if you do this hanging bed in your bedroom or children’s room.

Hanging shelves. If you don’t have enough space on the walls to make shelves, secure the shelves with rope and hang them at the window. They are transparent enough so they will not obstruct the view from the window, and they will look gorgeous inside and out.

Mirror interesting frames. The frame of the mirror is very important and can dramatically change the entire decor – so try and make a mirror frame from rope.

Buckets made with rope. You can make these baskets quite simple, and you can use them for multiple purposes. The rope can also be encircled with a thread with any color you like to get a bucket in a few colors.

Make a  bag for shopping. This bag is perfect for Sunday shopping in the nearest green market.

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