Recycle and be creative!

With a small budget and a little bit of imagination you can make some changes into your home.Here are some ideas for you:

Make new shelves from your old door. With a little creative planning, they can be a great fit in a corner of your room.


Use your old nail polish to decorate white cups for tea or coffee. They will be your favorite cups for everyday use.


Clothes hanger from branches in old wood frame. It’s very cheap and practical, just place a few pieces of dry branches inside plain wooden frame and get an unusual look!


Decorate your office with some old things from your basement. It’s time to think  and give  a unique and elegant look of the space above your desk. With a little imagination, the humble objects of your basement can turn in excellent decoration.



Design your white wall with some creative writing from your favorite author.Do not be afraid to experiment with designs on your wall. Sometimes the most unexpected decisions can be very successful.




Post Author: Ladybug