Pom poms carper, cover for table or wall decoration – THE CHOICE IS YOURS

The appearance of the interior does not always have to mean you need to make a big investment or change of the furniture. Sometimes, just a decorative item can be quite sufficient. For this “do it yourself” project you should take a whole weekend, but the effort will pay off as this interesting and decorative creation with pom poms can have more purpose.
You can use it as a carpet, as a cover for the table, chair or ottoman, decoration for wall or as an alternative to traditional headboard for the bed. Select the color of your choice, use several different colors, but we suggest you  to use several shades of one color to achieve the “ombre effect”.

Necessary materials:
• 10 pieces of Wool (for the mat of 1×1 m)
• Carpet backing
• scissors
• meter

To make the pom poms, take one end of the yarn in your hand and wind it around the fingers tightly until you are unable to move the fingers. The more times you wrap it, the pom poms will be richer and the carpet will be denser.

Remove the wool from your hands, and then a couple of times wrap the end of wool that is still associated with a ball of string through the middle of the wound yarn. Leave about 15 centimeters to hang to be able to bind the pom poms to the surface, and then cut and tie the wool.

Cut the winding wool with the scissors on both sides as shown in the picture and you have made the pom pom. You can make them in different sizes if you want.

Cut the carpet surface to the desired size. Pass the “tail” from the pom poms three times through the holes of the carpet and tie it in a knot. Tie the pom poms one to the other until they cover the entire surface of the carpet.

Post Author: Ladybug