Photo frame with plants – A beautiful decoration for your home

Here is a wonderful way to enrich the balcony with some green plants, or maybe the small yard or the wall of the room. This plants require very little water, so you will not have to frequently remove the frame from the wall to keep them watered. Just follow the steps below and make a unique photo frame with plants.

To make this adorable photo frame with plants  you will need these materials:
• Wooden box
• Photo frame
• Wire mesh


First you will need the box, for example, you can use a box from vegetable or wine. If you do not have this kind of box, you can quickly create one of the planks from the palette or from old boards that you can find in the basement.
I bet you have some old picture frame at your home and it is time for it to find its new purpose; you just need to tweak it a little. If you do not have the appropriate frame, you can order from a glazier, just pay attention that the frame is a little larger than the wooden box. To protect the plants from falling out of the frame you will need a wire mesh that you will attach to the back of the frame.

After you have all needed materials, fill the wooden box with dry moss as a substitute for soil and then set the plants. And Voila! Your frame with plants is ready for the wall.

Extra tip: After watering, leave the frame in horizontal position one day before you hang it again on the wall.

Post Author: Ladybug