Perfume bottles can be used again – LOOK at these WONDERFUL IDEAS

Perfumes are packed in a beautiful bottle that we usually throw away, as soon as they are empty, but it there is no need to be so. These bottles can be used for some interesting and beautiful projects that will decorate the house. You will work harder in order to remove the sprayers, but as soon as you have some practice with it, nothing will stop you. Check out these ideas that we have selected and be inspired to create something beautiful from the empty perfume bottles.

Vase for flowers. Take advantage of a larger bottle of perfume and make a sweet vase for flowers. This is an easy way to elegantly showcase smaller bouquets around the house with the empty perfume bottles.

Decorations for the house. Repaint perfume bottles with paint spray and use them for decoration.

Air freshener. This idea is simply fantastic! Seal one side of the bottle with colorful paper as background and use your bottle as a refresher for the space.

Sweet necklaces. Small packages can be used for making these sweet necklace. With a few wires and a little imagination, you can make a real work of art.

Holders for jewelry. Use the perfume bottles for holding and disposing of the bracelets and jewelry.

Framed bottles. If you collect perfume bottles but do not know what to do with them, put them as a picture on the wall!

The bottle with thread. Another way to make the most of a perfume bottle is to wrap the bottle with some thread and use it as a decoration.

Small vase. Another example of sweet vases that you can use for a single flower or small bouquet. Add a bow for even finer and more elegant appearance.

Painted vase. Another way to make a vase – seal some carved paper on the bottle and repaint it.

Candlesticks. Painted bottles can also be used as candle holders.

What do you do with the empty perfume bottles?

Post Author: Ladybug