Paper chandeliers – Beautiful decoration for your home

You can modify ordinary paper chandeliers and add your own print, so then you can put them in the living room or your child’s room and give your room a unique touch. Make these kind of chandeliers and use them as a unique decorative accessory in home or make them specifically for any occasion like a wedding or birthday.

Ombre paper chandeliers
To do this ombre (gradation on the same color) paper chandelier you will need less than half an hour and is very easy to do it. You need a paper chandelier, thin colored paper and glue.

Cut circles from the thin colored paper, and then start to glue pieces from the bottom of the paper chandelier up. Paper circles need to overlap and as a result you will get ombre effect – the effect of shading.

Paper chandeliers with origami butterflies
To make paper chandelier with butterflies you will need to make origami butterflies and to paste them on the paper chandelier.

To make origami butterfly you will need just paper. The paper should be in a form like cube and you can use any color that will match the elements in the room. The size of the butterfly depends on the size of the cube, and your project.

Bend the cube in half and then also fold the corners in half to get the shape of a triangle. Unfold the paper. Push the horizontal lines of the cube with your fingers forward and then again push the paper to regain the form of a triangle.

Take the ends of the triangle and fold them up to the top of the triangle on the vertical line. Repeat the procedure for the other end of the triangle. Turn the triangle on the other side.

Fold the top of the triangle so that the tip has to cross the horizontal side of the hypotenuse (the black line in the figure) and then fold the rest of the top.

The butterfly should look like this on both sides. Finally, fold the butterfly on the vertical side.

The end result should be like the picture.

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