Metal buckets – REUSE them and make something unique for your home

Metal buckets were once widely used in every rural home and also were a favorite in the city. Today they usually stand in a corner and are poorly used because of the plastic. However, there are much of creative and smart ways for their use – from the carrier for hose or newspapers, across the table, to comfortable seats.

View this beautiful and inspirational gallery that will help you find the best way to put your bucket back into use.

Holder for hose

The hose can easily make a mess in the yard, so it is useful to have a special place for him. A bigger bucket or sink can perfectly be used for this purpose. Simply place the bucket to the ground and hold the hose in it and hang it on the wall.


The metal bucket can be a great lamp. Depending on the model, sometimes all it takes is to make a few little holes on the side and sometimes it just enough to make a passage for the light bulb.

Flower pots

Instead of buying pots, use your metal buckets for your flowers. If you have a few of them in a different sizes try to place flowers making floors or simply, arrange them next to each other.

Cooling drinks

As soon as the company gather the place for drinks in the refrigerator disappears. Cool it easy even if is very hot in the metal bucket. You can do this very easy, you just need to fill the metal bucket with water and ice.


Make creative shelves in your hallway with the help of a metal bucket and you can get a nice storage space.


For all fans of the retro furniture here is of excellent proposal for the bathroom. Use metal buckets as sink, and enjoy your perfect and totally original bathroom.

Post Author: Ladybug