Make up organization – HERE are some INTERESTING ideas for you

We use make up every day and we like to buy a lot of new products, but usually we are not satisfied with the organization of this products in the house. We found a few fantastic ideas that will help you organize all of your make up for all time. All you need is a little creativity and a corner in the bathroom or bedroom.

Elegance on the floor – You can use a few trays and glass candlesticks for this very simple DIY project. All you need is to glue them and get the floors as in the picture.

Simplicity on the floor – A simpler variant “on the floor” with pots.

From candlesticks  – If you have candle holders at your home and you don’t know what to do with them, you use them for organization of makeup.

Magnetic board – One of the most popular ways of organizing make up is to stick it on a magnetic board. This is a perfect use for a wall and everything is directly visible.

Organizer for drawers – Connect a few boxes and overlay them with wrapping paper to get sections for easy organization of makeup.

Buckets for makeup  – Garnish a few small buckets with wrapping paper, tie ribbons and attach them with glue so they can hang in the bathroom.

Organized brushes  – Arrange brushes so that they can always be close to your hand.

Easy stacking  – An easy way to make some order with your make up is to use some glasses and molds for baking muffins.

Decoration  – If you already have a box for make-up, refresh them with color, such as gold, and your box will look like new.

Wardrobe for make up – If you have an old wardrobe, repaint it and sort out the fantastic ‘do-it “effect. You can also store in it much more than make up.

Plastic bottles  – For stacking the cosmetics, you use plastic bottles just look at the picture below.


Post Author: Ladybug