Make a unique gift… Decorate a candle with napkin


You can always buy some decorated candles, but you can also try and decorate it by yourself. Here you can learn how to that with some decorated napkins. This can be done very quickly, easily and effectively, and it can be an ideal handmade gift.

What will you need to make your own candles with napkins?

To create these attractive candles just get these supplies:
• one or (optionally) more candles that are larger –the decoration will not have this effect if you select thin and small candles, therefore choose large candles that are white
• napkins for decoration – choose some napkins in flower and heart shaped pattern (depending on the occasion which you are making these candle)
• iron
• scissors


How can you make this candle?
Prepare your candle by removing from it all possible bumps. Select the desired napkin and disconnect from the top, the thinnest layer containing the picture. Warm the iron (the lowest temperature so that you would not burn a napkin). Place the napkin on the candle and adapt it to lie perfectly on the candle (if left over, you can later cut with scissors). Put the napkin on the candle and gently press with the iron. The surface layer of the candle will melt and the napkin will be attached to the candle. Be careful not to tear the napkin. Once you have attached the entire napkin, you will have to sort out the edges so you’ll align them with scissors and the napkins edges at the end should be improved with iron.

Now you have a perfect gift for your dear ones. Pack them in cellophane and tie a decorative ribbon. If you find a perfumed candle the gift will be even more delightful the recipient.


Post Author: Ladybug