Make a Tutu skirt for your girl

Most of the girls like to have the little dance tulle skirt that is worn by the ballerina’s. Just imagine how will they look in it. I bet no one can remain indifferent to little ballerinas that will look like angels. Pink, blue, white, these “Tutu” skirts can be made in any color and length your little girl wants. This cute skirt can also be the part of the costume for a costume party or can be perfect outfit for a birthday party costume for a little princess.

Tulle skirts are a hit among girls, and you can make a unique and adorable model for your daughter in an hour. Every girl would be delighted and surprised when they see the final product. Also, if you are creative, you can add some interesting details like satin bow. Feel free to try even if you have no sewing experience.

To make this ‘Tutu’ skirt, you will need these following materials:

• 1-meter elastic (with around 3 centimeters thickness)
• 2 meters of tulle in the color you want (You can combine multiple colors)
• Scissors
• Thread

First you need to do is to measure the waist of your girl and then you can cut the elastic band. Leave one-inch extra elastic on each side and then fold the ends stitch them together. To make the skirt even richer and more luxurious, cut the tulle strips in 3 cm wide and set the length as desired. You can set the length when you will duplicate the desired length and add 10 cm. For example, if you want the skirt to be 30 cm long, you will need a double-length, 2 x 30 and plus 10 cm. (70 cm). For this skirt you will need a total of about 50 bands.

Now you can start to bind the strips around the elastic. In order to make this step easier we advise you to put the elastic around the knee or around the back of children’s chair. Every piece of the tulle needs to be bend in half tied around the elastic.
When you have finished with all the pieces of the tulle, you can add some more details, such as bows or some buttons.

Voila! Your skirt is ready.
Below you can also find a few ideas that can serve as inspiration. Try it and make your daughter happy 🙂

Post Author: Ladybug