Make a mirror with old toys from your babies

Your children have grown up and you just don’t know what to do with the hundreds of small toys that you have purchased over the years. I bet when you look at these toys, you immediately and constantly remember of the beautiful moments that you spend with your babies. In that case, we have an amazing idea so you can preserve your memories. If you like this, then read about the instructions that will show you how can you re-use the toys of your children.

Our idea is to make a mirror with toys. In order to do this item, you will need some materials such as:

• Cars- toys for children
• Mirror
• Spray
• Silicone gun

Before you start with this project, take the spray (choose the color on your own) and color the little car toys and then let them dry. It’s better and also it will look more beautiful if you choose cars that are more or less the same size so the mirror will look symmetrical.
Arrange all the toys to each other in a circle around the mirror and once you’re happy with the look use the silicone gun in order to stick them on the mirror.
When the mirror is done, you can attach it to your wall or you can use this unique mirror with used old toys as a decoration in your children’s room.

You can use this idea, and also try to make a unique lamp with the old toys. You don’t have to use just cars; you can use any plastic or metal toys that you have at home. Use some dinosaurs, super heroes or maybe some characters from Disney like Mickey and Minnie mouse. Just use your imagination and have fun. Your children will love it. Here are some pictures that will help you with the ideas.

Try it, it’s very interesting.

Post Author: Ladybug