Creativity is a mental process involving the creation of new ideas, concepts or solutions to problems, or new connections between existing ideas or concepts. Creativity is associated with intelligence and is also an important expression of a child’s development. Creative children are always busy creating something, they are happy and know how to have fun. One way to encourage your child’s creativity is to provide a place for creation. Here’s how you can make a perfect creative corner:

Open and accessible. Help your child to become completely independent when it comes to creativity by placing all material for drawing and creating at their fingertips. This will encourage the child to use all the materials that are available and quite spontaneously creates and awakens their imagination. If the child needs to ask for permission to use their artistic material, the creative nature will be hampered.

Use containers for sorting. For this purpose, you can use boxes, cans, jars. You’ll see how big difference will make the simple organization in a creative corner.

Throw the packaging. Packaging is almost always completely unnecessary. Unleash the child from the pressure that the package must be kept, and that the colors must always returns all into it, etc., unless it is really necessary. Everything should be easily available at your creative corner.

Do not go exaggerate with the amount of materials. Do not overdo it with the material because the children did not need much to have fun and be creative. What you can do is to have a stock of material that children benefit most or periodically rotate the different materials to stimulate your child to try something new.

Try to do everything easier. Simplify your life with the help of such simple things such as a tray. It is useful to work on it, and also it is easier to transfer the things from one place to another and so on.

Keep and maintain tools. Teach children to cover the markers, to dispose the ones they can’t use any more (those who do not work) and also wash the brushes together. Good kept material lasts longer and is nicer for using.

Post Author: Ladybug