Make this adorable and practical bed for your pet

Many different things can be made from old recycled tires. You can make a decoration for your garden, a flower pot or maybe a little table for your yard and many more interesting things. But, today we will show you how you can create a simple and practical bed for your dog from an old tire.

Before you start with this project, in order to make this interesting and practical bed for your pet you will need these materials:

• Old tire
• Spray paint
• sharp brush
• Adhesive backing
• Round bed (mat)

For starters, it is necessary to clean the old tire because the color will not stick to the dirt and dust. Therefore, it is necessary to dip the tire in water and clean it with the sharp brush and soap. Then rinse the tire with clean water and leave it to dry.

When the tire is completely dry, place it upright and repaint with spray, holding the bottle about 20 inches away from the tire. After applying the first layer wait until the tire is dry, then apply a second layer. After the tire is dry, it is time to bring it to the house. You can glue a couple of pads on the lower side of the tire to prevent slipping and to protect the color.

Place the tire to the desired place, put in another mat or pad in it and the adorable but also practical bed for your pet is finished. Now just let your pet enjoy in it.

Post Author: Ladybug