Magnificent decorations with shoe boxes for your home

I bet a lot of you have a couple of shoe boxes at your home that are stored in some corner in case you need them. So, now is the time when the unnecessary collecting of shoe boxes will finally pay off. Instead of thinking what to do with them and where to put them, we offer you a little help and a couple of ideas that you can use.
Make your empty shoe boxes useful and use them as a:
Bedside Table
Combine several boxes and make a bedside table. It will be enough to wrap them with cloth or wrapping paper for a better look. You can even make a slot for storage.


A tray for storage
You can specifically take advantage from the box cover by turning it to a tray on the dresser, after you wrap it with coat or paper. It will be perfect for storing perfume and jewelry.


Gift box
Who would know that this gift box is made of cardboard? This is an ordinary cardboard box lined with jute and then decorated with other decorative details that make a huge difference.

Basket made of box
Transform an ordinary shoe box in the basket by gluing rope on the outside of the box and then tape a coat inside the canvas. It’ll look like real basket!

Place for hanging jewelry
Make a place for hanging jewelry from the box cover by decorating the cover with the desired color and pattern and then add hooks. Simple and useful.

Sewing box
This box can be a great solution for storing all the items that you need for sewing and stitching. There’s room for all of the most important things.

Box for organization
Places to store things are never enough, but when you need extra space, you can make your own sweet boxes lined with jute. Draw a connecting decoration for a better effect.


Post Author: Ladybug