Magical glitter jar


Recently I found a video that was showing a little girl playing with a jar full of glitter. The video had some relaxing music that calm me down very fast so I decided to search across the internet to find a way to have one just like in the video. There are a few things that you will need if you want to make one for yourself.

First you will need a mason jar( if you are making one for your children you can use a plastic bottle instead of a jar, that will work great, you’ll just need a funnel.)

The next thing you will need is a glitter glue. This one will give the liquid a different viscosity and will make the swirls of glitter even more dazzling. But, if you can’t find glitter glue, you can use some clear school glue but whit this one you will have to add extra glitter.

You’ll also need some chunky glitter and some fine glitter, and in the end you can use some food coloring( the food coloring is optional but it’s worth it!)

That is all you need for this magical jar, and now read the steps below so you can make it on your own.

-Take the jar and put one cup of hot water in it. After that, put about two tablespoons of the glitter glue into the jar. You can choose your own color for the glitter glue, I love the glitter glue with pink or blue color and some iridescent glitter glue also.

-Next you will have to add some fine glitter until there is about a 1/2 to 3/4-inch layer on the bottom. After you add the glitter, fill the jar with water, but leave about 1 inch at the top so you can shake the mixture.

-Ok, you will use a ton of glitter, but just enjoy in it, it’s fun and magical. Also it’s very cheap.

-For the next step you will have to add some chunkier glitter and maybe (just an idea ) a few flower sequins too! I really love the purple color also so after you do all this add some food coloring. Use just one drop of Neon food coloring, one drop of pink or one drop of blue color, and all glitter that you add to the jar will be purple 

And now let the fun begin. Close the jar very tight and SHAKE. The mixture will settle after about two minutes or little more.

When I look in this glitter tornado it’s relaxing me for a moment, just amazing…
Try to make it or enjoy in the videos below…

Post Author: Ladybug