Have an interesting b-day party. Make a piñata!

Like other global trends, slowly came to us the idea to make a piñata. It is suitable for various occasions, piñata for a birthday, piñata for Easter, and probably we will soon see it even in the Christmas parties. Sail into the piñata world, learn a little more, and try yourself to create one. In addition to the endless entertainment, you’ll make a nice decoration and maybe make a business form it.

What is a piñata?

For those of you who don’t’ know what a piñata is let as tell you that piñata represents a toy made from a mixture of paper (used paper waving technique), a toy that is decorated with wrapping paper and filled with candy and confetti. During the celebration, piñata breaks with a decorated stick so that the contents drop out of it – which will be particularly appealing to children. Most popular piñatas are those in the form of cartoon heroes, hearts, balls or other shapes that the children like. The only limitation on the shape and appearance of piñatas is your imagination!
How to play with a piñata?

Each well-made piñata has a rope with which is attached to the ceiling or other high position. Participants line up from the lowest to the highest and hit a piñata one by one. If the children are older, they can put a blindfold on, but you must be careful that someone else would not get hit with a stick. The winner is the one that breaks the piñata, and you can imagine the joy when you fall out of a pile of sweets from the piñata.


It’s not very hard to do a piñata, and for its development you will need the following materials:

  • crepe paper (in the desired color, which will be cut into strips 3 cm wide)
  • newsprint, which will also be cut into tiles
  • balloon (which will be the basis of your piñata)
  • glue (or a mixture of flour and water, if you prefer)
  • knife or carpet knife (for cutting holes in the piñata to charge it)
  • twine
  • strips and colorful paper, if necessary, all depending on what you want to do

For starters, inflate the balloon and carefully roll up the rubber balloon over her tape the paper strip. Make a mixture of flour, water and glue. The mixture should be thick like dough for pancakes. Cut strips of newspaper, dip them in a mixture of glue and stack it on the surface of the balloon by covering the entire balloon. Tie the string to the start of the balloon, make sure that the string stays loose when you are sealing the balloon with a newspaper. It is necessary to stack several layers of newspaper strips, so that the whole piñata is firmer. All additional elements for a piñata can be cut out from a cardboard.

When the adhesive is completely dry, pierce a balloon. Remove the balloon from the area that you drew slice to get the hole. Through a hole insert everything you planned to find in your piñata: various sweets, candy and other small items. Then, tape the hole with paper tape. Now it’s time for decorating. Cut a strip of colorful crepe paper that you cut to get the tassels. At the top of the tape, apply glue to the paper. Start to tape the paper to your piñata, by arranging the pieces one over the other with a little movement to get interesting fringe.

And your piñata is ready! Let the children enjoy in it…


Post Author: Ladybug