Slime fun at home

Who doesn’t like slime? I bet all of you enjoy playing with it. This item is fascinating for all ages, especially for the kids. Except that you can buy the slime, you can also make it on your own or you can let your children make this easy, quick and instant product that will make them busy all day. This homemade slime can be made in 5 minutes and will amaze your kids, but also will provide a great opportunity for them to learn something about chemistry. Also you can use it for cleaning the keyboard, or any hard to get little space.

Super fun to stretch, pull and watch hang and ooze. Like it is melting in your hands. It is very soothing and enjoyable texture. The good thing about it, is that this wonderful mix does not leave the hands messy at all. So when it is cold outside, make this slime that offers a lot of endless possibilities for playing.
Just use this instant recipe and make it in any shape and color you or your kids love.
You will need these ingredients:
• ½ cup of White washable glue
• ½ cup of Liquid starch
• ½ cup of Water
• Measuring cup
• 2 bowls and a spoon
• color, glitter, sequins etc. (optional)

Mix the water and the glue in a bowl in order to combine them completely. (put the glue in the water). It you want to have slime with different color then white, use some food coloring. Also you can add some glitter or confetti in it to. After you mix these ingredients, pour the cup of liquid starch in the previous mix. After you add this ingredient the slime will form immediately. Use the spoon in order to mix all ingredients just for a little and then switch to mixing with your hands for a couple of minutes.

Voila! Now you have your own slime. Just put it into a dry and clean container and play with it whenever you like. You can play immediately when you prepare the slime, but after about 15 minutes the slime will be perfect and will look awesome.

Now go have some fun with your new toy 🙂

Post Author: Ladybug