Heart shaped sugar

I drink my coffee without sugar but my friends, oh boy they use a lot of it. When a prepare them a cup of coffee, I always get up to bring more sugar for them. I bring my pot with sugar and a couple of teaspoons, but to be sincere I hate when they make my sugar pot with coffee stains. Now some of you would say to me to use a sugar cubes, but I don’t like them eider. So I was searching on the internet some interesting ideas to serve this product and I found some interesting ideas, but I just loved the heart shaped sugar. You don’t have to use them all the time, but you can make them for Valentine’s Day, for some tea party, baby shower, wedding decoration or any other occasion.
Your coffee or tea would be more delicious if you put some heart shaped sugar that you can easily make on your own.

In order to make the heart shaped sugar you will need :

• Sugar
• Water
• Food coloring( any color you want)
• Heart shaped mold
• A bowl and a Spoon

Put the sugar in the bowl and then slowly add the water (use the tablespoon) in order to make a soft, grainy texture. The perfect mix would look like wet sand.
Do not put a large doze of water because that will dissolve the sugar and your hearts will not be worm properly. Also it is not good to put a very small amount of water either because the sugar won’t be able to stick together. After you get the perfect mix add a few drops of food coloring in it and mix until the color is even in the bowl. If you want to get a darker coloring, add a few drops extra of the food color.

Now when the color is even in the bowl, take the heart shaped mold and add some sugar in it. After you add the sugar start pressing the sugar, and make sure that the sugar is packed so tightly and it does not have any gaps or air bubbles. Now is time to be patient. Leave the sugar in the mold to harden overnight on a room temperature. Don’t speed up the drying process, try and be patient. The next morning when the sugar is naturally and completely dried and it is hard, take a tray and place it over the top of the mold and flip it over, so your heart shaped sugar will pop out onto the tray. If any of the hearts is stubborn and don’t want to leave the mold, use a gentle tap to remove it.

Post Author: Ladybug