Romantic night with a half-moon lighting with twigs

Summer or any clear nights in the year are made for outdoors romance. In these nights, your evening reunions in your yard or terrace can be even more pleasant and beautiful with fine lighting. You don’t have to use the electricity; you can make your own light with candles decorated with twigs. This half-moon with twigs, placed above a candle will give you some real enjoyment.

To make this half-moon with twigs you will need these materials:
• Balloon and bag
• Twigs
• Glue
• Spray paint

Inflate the balloon and place the bag on him to easily remove it when you are finished. Slowly start to glue the twigs to make a circle (in the form as shown above). Allow the form to dry nicely, if it’s necessary leave it for 24 hours, then burst the balloon and remove it gently. It would be easy for you to paint this little ornament with spray, but you can try and paint it with a brush also.

Allow it to dry thoroughly and then enjoy the beautiful lighting from this adorable half-moon with twigs.

Post Author: Ladybug