Flower pots – Make them unique just for your garden

The classic flower pots are simple and beautiful, but why buy new when you can do it yourself and save money? If you are interested, all you need for this project is a little effort and inspiration and you will create a unique masterpiece. You can do these flower pots on a few simple ways, such as with hemp, laces, tempera paints, nail polish etc. You can even use some objects, furniture and household items to make your garden look amazing.

Need a little inspiration to get you started? Check out these amazingly creative examples from around the globe that can help you find some inspiration, or maybe you can steal some interesting idea from these.

Use an old tea kettle. Just make a few drainage holes on the bottom and this will be perfect size flowers or herbs.

Use some old vases. Your neighbors will be amazed by this decoration, not just by your flowers.

Use colanders. They already have great drainage holes, just plant some flowers in it.

Use a bath tub. Decorate or spray your old bath tub and you will get an adorable pot for your garden.

Use your old boots. Just pop a hole in the sole and plant away!

You can always use the classic pot, but you will not need a lot of time and money to make them unique. Here are also some ideas for you.

Now just go to your garden and make it even more beautiful and pleasant for enjoying in the sunny days.


Post Author: Ladybug