Flower pots from cement – LEARN how you can make it

You can always buy some new flower pots for your garden or yard, but it will be fun and creative to try and your own unique pots. So read this amazing idea – Flower pots from cement. Making of the decorative flower pots made of concrete is a fun way that you can use to express your creativity. To decorate the flower pots, you can also use pebbles, glass, mosaic or other decorative material.

To make this amazing pot you will need these materials:

• Cement
• Sand
• PVC pipe for drainage
• Plastic container to make the shape
• Round container that you can fill with stones
• Jointer
• Pebbles or glass for decoration
• Petroleum jelly or other coating
• Rubber gloves

How you can make the flower pots from cement?

To provide a concrete drainage to the flower pot you will need to drill a hole in the plastic container and slide the pipe through the hole. The hole and the pipe can be smaller than those in the picture. Next, you will need a round object that you can fill with stones to be difficult and that will stand through the cement until the cement has dried. In order to cement does not stick to the plastic mold you will need to coat it with petroleum jelly or some oil.

Mix a sufficient amount of cement, sand and water to fill the bowl that you are using as a mold. Mix cement and sand in a ratio of 1: 1 and add water so that the mixture is neither too strong nor too liquid, then pour it into a mold.
Wait for an hour while the cement starts to harden and then put some decorative stones or glass on it. Gently push them into cement.

Let the round container stand above at least 48 hours before you remove it. Next seven days put some water on the cement to prevent fast drying and also to prevent the cement from cracking. Then remove the plastic container and the flower pot is ready for use.

Post Author: Ladybug