Floor bed for your children – LEARN how you can do it on your own

If you are a parent, then you know that the children no matter whatever you do always prefer to lie on the floor and there they enjoy their activities. After we are going to see them on the floor, the story is over so we run for them, framing them pillows or blankets to prevent colds. Here we show you how you can make a floor bed for your children that will love to use.

To create a floor bed for your kids, you will not need a special level of knowledge of tailoring sewing thread, but you will need these following materials:
• one sheet for double bed
• 5 small pillows
• sewing machine
• scissors
• pins
• marker

Spread the sheet so that the face of the material is facing the one side up. Overlap one of the side to be 1/3 of the width. Then, fold the other side of the sheet, making sure that you overall width is the correct width of the pillows that you have.

When you have a nice offset and have folded the entire sheet, then sew the ends, and hem the beginning and end of the treatment to prevent rip. After sewing, overturn the material on the face and flatten it as best you can so that the eventual wrinkles disappear.

It is necessary to sift the entire length so that the pillows fit between (5 fields for 5 pillows). Pillows will be able to pull in and out, if necessary, for washing.

Your floor bed is now ready. You can roll over it, lie or whatever it is you want! What is best in everything, is that you can muster this floor bed, like, roll it and if necessary to plant if you read a book or watch TV.

Isn’t this bed perfect? So why don’t you try and make this practical floor bed?

Post Author: Ladybug