Find more vitamin C in these fruits and vegetables…


When you listen the word vitamin C, the first association for most of us is the orange. Indeed, oranges deserve this good image because they are rich with this vitamin. More specifically, a small orange has about 50 mg of vitamin C.

Given that the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for an adult woman is 75mg, the consumption of only two oranges will exceed the need of this vitamin.

However, there are fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamin C than oranges.


To derive the maximum amount of vitamin C from the peppers we need to use them raw in salads. A cup filled with red peppers cut into strips contain an impressive 231mg vitamin C.


It’s not a secret that broccoli is a super food. They are full with a variety of vitamins and minerals and are fantastic allies to be healthy.

In a cup full of fresh chopped broccoli has 81mg of vitamin C.


Irresistible strawberries are not only delicious, but are also incredibly healthy and don’t have a lot of calories. Fill a cup with whole strawberries and enter 85mg vitamin C.


The kiwi also beats the oranges when it comes to vitamin C. You can buy this sour green fruit with small black seeds throughout the year and never have to skip it. In a kiwi fruit has 64mg of vitamin C, while in a cup full of sliced kiwi has even 167mg.


It is worth to include this fruit in the diet. Known as the “fruit of the angels”, it is an excellent source of vitamin C and guardian of digestive health. A small papaya contains 96mg vitamin C.


In the last couple of years, this vegetable is number one choice of nutrition’s. One full glass of it can give you 80 mg vitamin C.

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