Decorative floral letters – LEARN how you can make them

A lot of people who like flowers would like to have them during all year in their home decorated with various floral arrangements. That is often not possible. Sometimes the flowers have withered, fails to survive, you don’t have time to take care of it, but you want that wonderful colors in your environment. We have the perfect solution for you – Decorative floral letters. With these flower letters you can make a real, long-lasting work of art.

For these beautiful, decorative floral letters you will need these materials:
• letters of cardboard (you can cut them yourself from cardboard or buy some from the specialized shops that sell everything for creativity)
• plastic flowers medium and small size
• scissors or small pliers for cutting flowers
• Glue gun for plastics and plastic sticks (though you can also use multi-purpose glue).

Additionally, you can do the decoration as you desire, just let your imagination run wild.

How you can make the floral letters?

At first you will have to create, cut or buy letters of cardboard and then find or buy some plastic flowers. As you know, the plastic flowers that you can use have long handles that need to be cut. So, cut the handles with scissors or small pliers as close to the flower. If the flowers have some leaves on them, leave them on the flower because they would be useful for decoration of your letters (leave it for even better look of the flower letters). For starters, post the flowers on the letter to see how the opportunities should look like. It is better that way, than to glue your flowers and finally realize that not all of them fit well.

When you are sure about the look of your floral letters, start with the gluing using the glue gun or the multi-purpose glue. First seal the larger flowers, then the smaller one and finally decorate the letters with green leaves. Leave the letter to dry. You can also put a hook on the letter so that you can hang it on the wall. In general, this nice floral letters can also stand on a shelf in your room.

There is also another way of making the decorative floral letters. When you look at the picture below you will understand how you can make. This project is even suitable for children. If you don’t want your children to play with gun for plastic or glue, you can add a sponge in the letters made from cardboard. Then leave the handles on the plastic flowers a little bit longer so that they can be stabbed in the sponge. See for yourself in the picture below.

Now just choose the letter you like, use your imagination and make something creative for your home.

Post Author: Ladybug