Decorative candles with dried flowers – Beautiful decoration for your home

Do you like to create something on your own? And also do you love flowers and candles? If you like these things, connect them and you will get the perfect combination: decorative candles with dried flowers! It’s really fast, easy and cheap project, and you will receive a beautiful decoration for your home or a gift for your dear ones. So let’s get going.

Decorative candles with dried flowers – needed supplies
To create this beautiful and decorative candle with dried flowers, you really don’t need to much time or money. First, it is necessary to become familiar with decoupage (napkin) technique, except that in this case you will not use napkins for decoration but dried pressed flowers. To start this project, you will have to visit your (or your neighbors 🙂) garden and find a few little flowers and leaves that you like. After that it is necessary to press the flowers until they are dried (surely you learned in school how you can make the real herbarium).

So to make these decorative candles with dried flowers you will need these materials and tools:
• scissors (to cut the plants or possibly shorten the debris etc.)
• tablespoon
• candles that you will decorate (we suggest you to use bigger and thicker candles for better effect)
• candle that will be used to heat the spoon
• dried flowers and leaves
• tweezers – in order to easily take the dried flowers

How you can make these candles with dried flowers?
The first step is to come up with the design of your candles, or to decide which pressed herbs you will use and how you will position them on the candle. Then take the tablespoon and heat it on the inside with the second candle. Make sure that the flame does not touch the side that you will lean on the plants because in this case the flowers will turn black from soot.
When the tablespoon is sufficiently warmed up, set up the flowers with the help of the tweezers and gently lift the hot spoon over the plant. The warm spoon will melt the surface layer of the candles and will gently stick the dried flowers.

Repeat this process until you complete the design of the candles that you created. Make sure that every part is well glued with wax, so that the flowers don’t start to peel and fall off.

Post Author: Ladybug