No more throwing shoe boxes! We gathered a lot of fantastic ideas in one place that will surely delight you, starting from making decorations for the house across to some interesting toys and some useful ways of organizing things. Look, get inspired and create something beautiful, using some of these creative ideas with shoe boxes.

City. Boxes and black marker are sufficient to make entire city for your child to play. If you only have colorful boxes overlaid them with white paper.

Pictures of box covers. Cut the box covers into squares and pan them with some material or colorful paper and make some wonderful art pieces that you can hang on the wall.

Basket for a child. Great idea for Easter or for everyday playing.

Barn for animal toys. Make a barn for the favorite toy animals for your child from a shoe box.

Labyrinth. Super interesting maze for development of the brain of your Children made from the shoe boxes and some straws.

Super box. Decorate the shoe box with wool in vivid colors combined with a piece of material and you can get a beautiful box for stacking your favorite things. Great idea for a gift.

Organization of shoes. Of course, you can use the boxes for their primary purpose – keeping the shoes. To make it easier to find the ones you need, convert one side to look like window or take a picture of the shoes that are inside and then glue the picture on the box.

Organization of the cables. Organize cables in the shoe box using a few rolls of toilet paper.

Organization of the jewelry. Take advantage of the cover of the box for jewelry organization just like the picture below.

Create some shelves. These shelves with modern look can be made easily with some color and that clipped to the wall. And if you get tired, change your design.

Station for chargers. The extension cable and the chargers are comfortably accommodated in a box covered with wrapping paper and ribbon, and each output is marked for ease of use. You no longer have to run around the house and look for the chargers, and when they are not in use just turn off the extension cable.

Beautiful labels form box covers. Take advantage of the box covers for a colorful label and hang them on the curtain rail with lashing.

What do you do with empty boxes of shoes? What idea will you try first from these creative ideas with shoe boxes?

Post Author: Ladybug