Constellation or zodiacal sign as a wall decoration – LEARN how you can make it

Select your favorite constellation or zodiacal sign and turn it into modern art. This low budget art also serves as a decorative ambient lighting.
What you will need from tools and materials?
• Drill
• Hammer
• Nails
• File
• For the base use plywood with measurements of 1 x 2 meters
• Wooden planks with dimensions of 2.5 cm height 5 cm wide and 6 meters’ long
• 25cm extension cable
• Black color and brush for the base and white color for the constellation
• 100 white LED lights

Cut the board with a length of 6 meters on four pieces of which two boards need to have a length of 1 meter and two boards should be of a length of 2 meters. The ends should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Once you cut the boards, clinch the nails on the plywood. You should get a frame from the plywood.

Color the base and the frame with black color. Use a cloth to apply the same amount of color on the plywood and leave it for a few hours to dry well.

With a small brush and white color draw your favorite zodiacal constellations or signs of the black plywood.
With the drill make a hole directly on the drawn dots that will represent the stars on the constellation. Wipe the base from the sawdust and apply one layer of polyurethane.

Rotate the plywood on the other side and thread each of the LED lamps through the holes that you previously made on the constellations. Glue the edges of the lights from the back to attach and hang the art that you made on the wall. Finally, switch the lights on the socket.

Enjoy in your creation, your own made constellations and zodiacal signs in your home.

Post Author: Ladybug