Coffee filters for Valentine’s day decoration

The next time you go to the store to buy some coffee filters for your coffee machine, take a few packaging extra and use it to make an interesting and unique Valentine’s Day decoration for your home. Maybe this sound weird but it is very simple and easy to make.

In order to make this ornament you will need some materials such as:

• Piece of cardboard
• Pen
• Bowl (for coloring the flowers made from coffee filters)
• Scalpel
• Screwdriver
• Coffee filter bags (about 150 pieces)
• Red color
• Brush for painting
• Rope or tape for hanging the ornament
• Duct tape

After you get all materials needed you can start with the making of the Coffee filter heart. First you have to put a water in a bowl (in about 2,5 cm of the bowl), and then add some red color in it. Use the painting brush to mix the color in the water. Now take the coffee filters and put them in the colored water and immediately remove them from the water (add 10-15 pieces together, them put another group of the same amount of coffee filters). In this way you will get a delightful coloring on the coffee filters from dark to bright red. Repeat this process until you use all coffee filters.

In the next step you will have to dip the brush into the paint and go over the top of each coffee filter gently. When you are done, just take an old towel and leave the coffee filters on it to dry overnight. On the piece of the cardboard, draw a shape of heart and then cut it with scalpel (for this amount of coffee filters you will need the size of the shaped heart to be about 30 cm and the width to be 5-7 cm). After you shape the heart use the screwdriver to drill holes in the cardboard (the distance of the holes should be 3-4 cm from each other, just use the pen to pre – mark on the cardboard).

Separate the dried coffee filters and make flowers of them (to make the flower just catch them in the middle and twist them). Insert the flowers into the holes of the cardboard to make the coffee filter shaped heart ornament. You can add a ribbon and hang the heart from coffee filters on the door

Happy Valentine’s Day, love and be loved…

Post Author: Ladybug