Christmas outdoor decorations for warm welcome…

Take a look at these ideas…

Gift-Box Topiary

Time for presents. Over scale a few boxes, wrapped in sturdy paper and topped off with ribbon, perch above a footed vase for an unusual twist on the topiary. Want to take this idea a step or two farther? Line porch steps with tiny wrapped boxes, stack faux gifts like columns beside the front door, or glue small boxes in varying sizes to a wreath form and mount it on the door.

Door Frames

Got an old picture frame that’s begging for a fresh face? Use it to Transform it into a festive holiday door decoration that makes a fun substitute to a garland. Choose one with sculptural lines and detail it to create visual depth. Amp up the effect by hanging a few round ornaments in a vertical stack — keep them identical for a contemporary look, or vary the sizes, shapes and colors if your style is more collected.

Personal Welcome

Yarn-covered balls grouped into a one-of-a-kind garland. This one features wintry cream, blue and gray tones; go with reds and greens if you like the traditional Christmas color scheme or try bright blue and white for Hanukkah.


Modern Greenery

Freshen up the scheme with contemporary elements. Pheasant feathers and green apples inspire the palette of this sophisticated front door ensemble. The feathers feel slightly edgy yet still suitable for the classic garland, wreath and topiary trio. Keeping the colors monochromatic also helps to modernize the look.

Watch Your Step

Illuminate your walkway. Simple glass motives interspersed with sprigs of greenery and berries cast a gentle glow to guide guests to your door. Just as a blazing fire draws people to the hearth, the candles set an unmistakable tone of welcome. They look especially enchanting in the snow, but if you live in a warmer climate, try tucking shatterproof silver and white ornaments among them to create the impression of glittering ice. Or use sand, shells and beach grasses in a coastal setting.

Salvage Show

Repurpose architectural elements. Two pairs of oversized shutters, painted jaunty red and hinged together, add a dash of holiday spirit without going over the top. Reclaimed shutters have an appealing weathered look, but you could simply buy them from a home improvement store and paint them the color of your choice.




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