Chamomile tea heals like a miracle

Some women have very painful menses and often some drugs can’t help to alleviate symptoms, so they use the powerful chamomile. Spasm will allay with only two to three cups of this delicious chamomile tea, and pain will be eased with coatings of this herb.

You can make the coatings very fast and easy just overflow a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers with a quarter liter of hot milk and then just squeeze the coatings and while they are still warm place them on the abdomen. The pain will quickly disappear.

Why you need to drink chamomile tea?
Chamomile tea helps with many health problems. The most widely it is used to treat colds, because it has antibacterial properties. It is useful for increasing the number of leukocytes in the blood.The tea is a very good remedy for soothing. You can prepare this tea for adults when you will pour a spoonful of dried flowers of chamomile with two deciliters of boiling water and leave it covered for 15 minutes. If you drink this tea before going to bed, you will sleep more easily than usual.

Other benefits of the chamomile
• This is a herb that is commonly used in the season of flu and colds. It contains calcium, phosphorus, tannin and essential oil.
• It will help you with reduction of the temperature, relieves pain, improves digestion, reduces rashes and acne cure. It is a mild sedative and calms the nervous system.
• It is effective for various bacteria in the urine, skin, intestine. Enhances the excretion of urine and reduces the amount of acid in urine. It helps with bacterial infections.
• Is effective in arthritis, allergies, sore throat and ear, bronchitis, diseases of the glands, kidneys, bladder stones, infected sores, conjunctivitis, tumors and other health problems.
• Soothes cramps, especially at infants and children. It helps with insomnia, especially at the children, neurosis, depression and general bad physical conditions. It is recommended to treat eczema, irritation of the child’s skin from diapers and cracked nipples from the breast feeding.
• Because of the healing effect, chamomile is used in various skin impurities on the face and body, inflamed skin conditions, burns, sunburn, various wounds, and also with problems with hair.
• It’s also used in cosmetics. Mating face with chamomile is great for sensitive skin, and rinsing the hair with chamomile tea hair gets a special glow.

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