Easter decorations for your home

Easter is traditionally celebrated in a family setting, and besides religious significance, Easter decor symbolizes the awakening of spring, vivid colors and the positive mood in the home. So in order to enjoy in it, garnish your home with floral arrangements, rabbit and beautifully decorated Easter eggs, and give him great holiday look that will […]

Decorative floral letters – LEARN how you can make them

A lot of people who like flowers would like to have them during all year in their home decorated with various floral arrangements. That is often not possible. Sometimes the flowers have withered, fails to survive, you don’t have time to take care of it, but you want that wonderful colors in your environment. We […]

Constellation or zodiacal sign as a wall decoration – LEARN how you can make it

Select your favorite constellation or zodiacal sign and turn it into modern art. This low budget art also serves as a decorative ambient lighting. What you will need from tools and materials? • Drill • Hammer • Nails • File • For the base use plywood with measurements of 1 x 2 meters • Wooden […]