Heart shaped sugar

I drink my coffee without sugar but my friends, oh boy they use a lot of it. When a prepare them a cup of coffee, I always get up to bring more sugar for them. I bring my pot with sugar and a couple of teaspoons, but to be sincere I hate when they make […]

Delicious homemade muffins

So, after a lot of tries and a lot of failed experiments with muffin recipes, I found the ideal one for delicious homemade muffins. After I found the recipe on some forum chat, I tried to make them this weekend and I succeeded at the first attempt, so I not going to look for another […]

New Year gingerbread cookies…

Preparations for Christmas and New Year are in full swing, and almost every household will smell like delicious cookies. Here you can see the recipe and method of preparation of the New Year gingerbread cookies that are something special. We all know how important taste is, but their appearance it is also essential, and they […]