Candlestick with marbles – Find out how you can make it

Remember the days when you were a child, and when you were playing with marbles with your friends and neighbors in your yard? I spouse you still have the marbles in some box at your home in some corner. Don’t throw them away, just take these little tiny marbles that you played with and make a candlestick with marbles as a decoration for your home.

This decoration will remind you of the happy childhood days, so this is a perfect idea to use them again. You can make this adorable candlestick with marbles, it’s very easy and will not take you a lot of time.
For this little project, to make this candlestick with marbles you will need these materials:
* Marbles (it’s better all the marbles to be the same size, the candlestick will be perfect)
* Some old CD
* Glue or Glue gun
* One little candle that will stand in the candlestick with marbles

Put the old CD on a table and them take the marbles. All you have to do is to paste (with the glue gun) the marbles on CD and glue them around it to form a circle. Once you finish one lap on the CD make another one, until you reach the desired size of the candlestick. Once you have finished gluing the marbles, just put the little candle in it and your candlestick with marbles is ready!

Post Author: Ladybug