Boxes of Tic Tac candies – FIND OUT how you can REUSE them

If you are someone who does not throw things so easy, but loves to find a use, purpose and meaning for all things, you’ll appreciate these proposals on how you can reuse the boxes of Tic Tac candies. Why would some practical thing end up in the trash when you can convert it into something useful and beautiful and give it a new life?

Here are a few suggestions for reusing the boxes of Tic Tac candies:

For bobby pin. If you are using bobby pin in your home, keep them packed into these little boxes that exactly correspond to their size. It is also easy to take the bobby pins out of the box when you need them and you don’t have to chase them in drawers or dressing case.

For decorative scraps. Various scraps for a decoration of cakes or ice cream are not always packaged in a practical way. Re-pack them in the empty box of Tic Tac candies and you don’t have to worry that they will be scattered all over the place and that you will be precise in scraping. All this will now be easier.

For rhinestones and glitter. If you are organizing a creative atmosphere for your little girl and her friends, we suggest that you make a small kits like the one illustrated and pack the glitter and rhinestones in a box of Tic Tac’s. The girls will be able to easily decorate their little creations.

For decorative strips. The strips for a decoration of fabric can be easily entangled (if they are not nicely packed) and then you will have a problem to straighten them and make intact and crease-free. Collect some boxes of Tic Tac candy, dispose the decorative strips in them and then easily draw the strips from them.

For spices. You have a lot of spices in bags that are not exactly the most practical to use? Tic Tac boxes are excellent for this purpose, they are large enough for wheelchairs spices in bags and yet small enough to make the collection of spices on shelves in the kitchen so they are neatly stacked and labeled.

Post Author: Ladybug