Abstract painting with nail polish

Using inexpensive nail polish, you can create unusual and abstract painting that will be very specific by the vibrant colors of the colored areas and the raised texture. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to have a gift for painting to do this masterpiece. You just have to use your imagination, have fun and be creative.


To make this abstract painting you will need these materials:
• Blank canvas
• Cheap and colorful nail polish (any color you like)
• Brush and a white paint for coating the material(optional)
• Couple of newspaper to protect the table

If you want the canvas texture to be white, first you have to do is to coat the canvas with the white color in order to fill the texture of the canvas. After you are done, let the cloth to dry for a couple of hours. Use the old newspapers to protect the flour or the table and put the cloth over it. Then just take the bottle or bottles of nail polish.

On the start, pour some nail polish on the old newspapers close to the edge of the canvas in order to balance the leakage of it, and then move on the canvas. Pour the nail polish through the canvas as you want, using thin and thick lines or spraying dots. Just use your inspiration and you won’t be wrong with this abstract  painting.

You can also use this extra tip: At the beginning, use only two colors at the same time, then let it dry for 30 minutes before applying a new layer of the other colors you like. The nail polish has outstanding metallic shine, so the abstract painting that you make can be very attractive, you just need to have some patience while waiting for it to dry. The end result is an interesting figure, whose creation does not cost much.

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