Pom poms carper, cover for table or wall decoration – THE CHOICE IS YOURS

The appearance of the interior does not always have to mean you need to make a big investment or change of the furniture. Sometimes, just a decorative item can be quite sufficient. For this “do it yourself” project you should take a whole weekend, but the effort will pay off as this interesting and decorative […]

Easter decorations for your home

Easter is traditionally celebrated in a family setting, and besides religious significance, Easter decor symbolizes the awakening of spring, vivid colors and the positive mood in the home. So in order to enjoy in it, garnish your home with floral arrangements, rabbit and beautifully decorated Easter eggs, and give him great holiday look that will […]

Creative Easter decorations and unique atmosphere

Imaginative, elegant or modern? Select the most beautiful and most interesting and creative Easter decorations for your home! Fill it with happiness and magic of the holiday, and if you plan to call some guests, they will be surprised with your originality. For the youngest, prepare real Easter fun! Blue Easter – an atmosphere that […]