10 fantastic ways to turn that old sweater into something new

Sweaters are worn, they become small, the fashion trends change etc. However, this does not necessarily mean you have to throw them away.  Here you can find out a few ideas how to give sweaters a new life by turning them into something completely different. Just read this and try it for yourself!


Winter candlesticks

Wrap a piece of old sweaters (the most practical part of sweaters for this purpose are the sleeves) around ordinary glass jars and candlesticks.

Pillow case

Instead of throwing it away, convert your favorite old sweater into a new soft pillow. Very easy project even for those who are not experts in sewing.


Gloves are another easy and useful way to recycle old clothes. With the help of a sewing machine you will soon have a new pair of gloves that will keep you warm.


Even the simplest lamp can be transformed into an attractive and unique one if you “dress” the lampshade with a knitted sweater. Just sew a piece of elastic to the inner edge of the sweater that will keep the material in place.

Heater cup

This decorative detail will keep cup drinks hot for longer. Cut a piece of the sweater, and to the ends put a strap or button so that it can be easily removed. Sew one or both edges if it’s necessary and the heater cup is over.

Coated box

This nice storage box is made from the most ordinary cardboard box and old sweater. You can also add some details like lace and white string that will be enough for a little decoration.

Packaging for Drinks

Instead of purchasing bag, give a bottle of wine in a unique package. Use the sleeve of a sweater to line bottle and use a decorative ribbon or twine to tie a bow.

Mini Christmas tree

There is no better time for recycling than the holidays, when you can even save some money if you create your own decoration for the house.

Unique bracelets

Not only you will attract attention, these bracelets coated with material are very comfortable to wear.

Heaters for legs

It is very simple; you will create two heaters from the sleeves of the sweater. Also you will need two decorative tensioning straps that you will intervene through the lower part of heaters.

Post Author: Ladybug